Action Challenge Introduces Students to Fluid Power Industry

It begins with a box of parts.

Middle school students (working in teams of four) receive a basic tool kit and are tasked with building a prototype machine using fluid power to move and rotate objects
from one area to another. This might take place on steps or on a platform, according to Lynn Beyer, director of workforce development programs at the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA).

“The setup and the challenge scenario change for every new event. The most important aspect of the competition is that the students learn a little and have some fun in the process,” she said.

There are many different Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) educational programs and competitions available to students today, but few focus specifically on fluid power.
“With the NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge, students learn about problem-solving, teamwork and perseverance,” Beyer said. “And our members get an opportunity to promote this industry to potentially the next generation of fluid power engineers.”

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