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4-in-1 kits
Boy Scouts of America Fluid Power Kits

Shown above are the following: Hydraulic 4-in-1 kit (gd.4-6); Hydraulic Robot Arm (gd.6-8); Reboot Robot Arm (gd.6-9); At Home Challenge kit (gd.7-8). All kits require wood glue except the 4-in-1 kits. The At Home Challenge kit requires a method of cutting strips of wood 3/8″ square.

Shown below is the middle-school STEM Arm kit, originally designed for the STEM Scouts program. There is also a high-school version. This kit includes a program of work with more advanced mathematics for high-schooler

Boy Scouts of America Model Kit
Boy Scouts of America Fluid Power Kits

The middle school STEM Arm kit comprises of two parts: the construction of the basic robot arm (shown above) and the use of the extra “challenge” parts to extend the movement of the arm in order to solve a more difficult challenge. The layout board comprises of three areas that require the designed device to extend as well as grab, lift and rotate.

The program takes the participants through the principles of fluid power and mechanics, introductory activities and invites them to participate in a competition, individually or as part of a team, that involves designing and building a device to accomplish a task.

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Boy scouts of america Fluid power kits
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