We are the originator and the supplier of kits for the National Fluid Power Association’s Fluid Power Action Challenge and the Canadian National Fluid Power Challenge. Mechanical Kits Ltd. supports the work of the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation by donating a royalty for every NFPA Challenge Event and NFPA Classroom kit sold.

We are  also providing activities, support materials and kits for school classrooms and “at home” kits for virtual scenarios or STEM activities and a pilot event Florida TSA State competition.


Stephen Rogers- Founder of Mechanical Kits Inc.

Stephen Rogers- Founder of Mechanical Kits Inc.

About Stephen Rogers

Stephen Rogers, B.A., has taught for 15 years in all levels of school and 3 years in University. During this time he also worked with LEGO in Denmark developing curriculum for a computer controlled Technic kit and later as a Senior Curriculum Officer for the UK government. He emigrated to North America in 1990 and began a business supporting the development of STEM education. Since 2008 he has developed curriculum and materials for the Fluid Power Challenges in the US and Canada, a project that has grown to involve more than 2000 students a year in 10 states and 4 provinces



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