The idea for the Fluid Power Challenge came from the desire of Fluid Power Associations, partners in the business of manufacturing, supplying and distributing products and expertise wherever fluid power is used, to inform students in schools about their technology.

As the project grows through the hard work of the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation more and more middle and high school students get to use fluid power to make a moving device that serves a particular purpose.

Eric Lanke, NFPA President and CEO, introduces the Fluid Power Challenge in its early days at Harper College, IL.

NFPA Fluid Power Action Plan
National Fluid Power Challance
Kids at Fluid Power Challange

The Fluid Power Action Challenge Event Kit

The materials Mechanical Kits Ltd. supplies are all that is required for a team of four students for the Workshop Day and for the Challenge Day itself. Known as the Challenge Event Kit it consists of 3 different kits packaged separately in three boxes:  The Workshop kit, the Tools kit and the Challenge kit.


NFPA Workshop Kit
NFPA Tool Kit
NFPA Challange Kit

On the Workshop Day the students use the Workshop kit and the Tools kit. During the first half of the Workshop Day the students build two small devices, the Lifter and the Rotating Platform using some of the tools in the Tools kit. In the second half of the day the Challenge scenario is introduced and the students are made aware of what is required of them to meet the Challenge.

After the Workshop Day the students take away the same set of materials they will use on the Challenge Day to practice on. Using these materials they will design their solution to the Challenge recording their ideas, explorations, considerations and processes in a portfolio.

On the Challenge Day they use their portfolio and their tools, and the new set of materials they receive there, to meet the Challenge!