In-School Action Challenge Kits

The In-School Challenge is a school-based program to enable classrooms to participate in a Fluid Power Challenge. 

Students, in teams, will use the materials to compete in a Fluid Power Action Challenge in their school and use the resources available from the NFPA website. In this situation teachers and facilitators choose the “In-School” section. The In-School Challenge kits are shown below

Assuming a class of 28 students, four (4) students participate as a team. Each of the seven (7) teams complete a program of classroom activities and the design and construction of a prototype device recording their process in a portfolio-notebook. Using only this portfolio, their tools and a kit of materials the teams, under Challenge conditions, build their device to meet the current Challenge.

In-School Challenge Kits

The package for a classroom of 28 students in teams of 4, comprises of:

7 X Classroom Workshop Kits – each includes two introductory kits  (Lifter & Clamp kits), parts to build a working hydraulic base and materials for each team of four (4) to design a prototype device and record their process in a Portfolio (Notebook- Portfolio) and 1 X Current Layout Board

In the case of one team from a school competing with another school, or between different classes:
1 X Selected Team Kit to enable the selected team to re-design their solution prior to the Challenge Event
1 X Challenge Kit to enable the school team to build their final device at the Challenge using their Notebook-Portfolio

link to standard in-school package for competing between schools or classes

Additional kits are available if your class size is larger. Optional kits are available:

In-School Tools Kit – contains 4 safety glasses, 1 miter box for cutting wooden strips, 1 fine-toothed saw, pair of scissors and ruler

In-School Teachers, Advisors & Facilitators’ Kit – containing extra materials including a mini-glue gun and glue sticks (72)


CFPA Workshop kit
CFPA Mini Tools Kit
CFPA Challenge Kit